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The hassle-free way of learning Blender's important sculpting fundamentals.

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Struggling with learning the sculpting fundamentals in Blender?

With our free Blender sculpting beginners course, we created a hassle-free learning experience, where we pair teaching the most important sculpting basics with a fun practical example.

You learn how to create a sculpture inspired by the "Moai" statues of the "Easter Island", which isn’t too complex, but still provides plenty of room for creativity.

In the process you learn how to use a graphics tablet for navigation and sculpting, how to use important sculpting brushes and tools, while going through all steps of creating your first full sculpture from scratch.

But, this course is not purely about sculpting, since it is just a workflow in the bigger picture of creating 3D artworks. This is why in the second half of the course, you learn how to color the sculpture, create a simple environment, animate and light the scene, and render out a final video clip, which you can proudly share with the world.

In the end, you will have the important knowledge at hand, to easily continue your sculpting journey.

What’s inside?

Get an overview of the course journey.

Part 1 – Sculpting

  • 12 Lessons
  • ~2 hrs running time

Lesson 01 to 12 – Overview Part 1

The first part of the course focuses on sculpting a Moai statue. It covers sculpt mode basics, adding reference images, building a base mesh, refining proportions and shapes, adding details, and creating headphones.

12 videos | ~1:58 hrs running time

Part 2 – Presentation

  • 11 Lessons
  • ~1:47 hrs running time

Lesson 13 to 23 – Overview Part 2

The second part of the course focuses on nicely presenting the Moai sculpture. It covers coloring the statue with vertex colors, creating a visually interesting environment with rocks, grass, and flowers, animating a looping camera and sculpture motion, adjusting lighting for a pleasant atmosphere, employing compositing techniques for visual enhancement, and concluding with rendering the final animation for sharing.

11 videos | ~1:47 hrs running time

Course History & Updates

  • Beta Test in February 2024 gathering and implementing student feedback
  • Official Release in March 2024 with 23 lessons

Our students, their feedback and results.

Student results

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Who is this for?

Is this course right for you?

Since this course is focused on introducing the sculpting tools in Blender, no previous sculpting experience is required.

However, this is not a general Blender introduction. To fully enjoy this course, we suggest finishing our other free Blender Beginner course first.

Additionally, we recommend using a graphics tablet for this course, even a basic one will make your sculpting journey much more enjoyable.

Blender Sculpting for Beginners


Your guide(s) on this journey.

Zach Reinhardt

Zach Reinhardt

Founder & Lead Instructor

I fell in love with 3D the first time I opened Blender in 2004. From my first freelance jobs, to my first teaching experiences, my passion for telling stories in 3D and teaching my experiences to others grew. All of this led me to founding CG Boost in 2019, where I carefully craft Blender courses to make your learning process an enjoyable journey.


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Blender Sculpting for Beginners

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