Master Grease Pencil in Blender

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Crack open a whole new universe of 2D drawing, in 3D space.

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Want to unleash Blender's 2D superpowers using Grease Pencil?

Grease Pencil is Blender's unique drawing tool, that lets you draw 2D shapes in 3D space, which opens up a whole new creative universe.

This course teaches you the fundamentals of Grease Pencil, and how to create beautiful 2.5D art pieces, using only free tools.

Despite giving many more creative ways of telling your stories, Grease Pencil is quite a complex tool and can be hard to fully wrap your head around.

With this course, we want to give you an enjoyable and relaxing start into Grease Pencil, and show you one of many ways to create beautiful art with it.

What’s inside?

Get an overview of the course journey.

Fantasy Village Scene

  • 5 chapters
  • 60+ lessons
  • 4.5+ hrs running time

Chapter 1 & 2 – Getting Started with Grease Pencil

Get a general overview of Grease Pencil, its tools and settings, and practice on simple exercises.

14 videos | ~56 minutes running time

Chapter 3 – Building Creation

Here we start the big fantasy village project by creating the main building, while practicing what we've learned in the previous chapter.

19 videos | ~1:12 hrs running time

Chapter 4 – Scene Creation

Here we create the fantasy village scene around the building, by creating the fore-, mid- and background.

21 videos | ~1:49 hrs running time

Chapter 5 – Animation and Finalization

To wrap up the fantasy village scene, we will animate all elements, apply effects to the scene and render it out.

9 videos | ~47 minutes running time

Course History & Updates

  • Beta Test in October 2022 gathering and implementing student feedback
  • Official Release in November 2022 with 5 chapters

Our students, their feedback and results.

Student results

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Who is this for?

Is this course right for you?

Some basic Blender knowledge is recommended to have fun with this course, however, no previous Grease Pencil or drawing experience is required, since we start with the Grease Pencil fundamentals.

You can get our Blender Launch Pad course with a discount at the checkout, to learn the general required Blender fundamentals.

We recommend using a graphics tablet for this course, even a basic one will make your Grease Pencil journey much more enjoyable, although working with a mouse will work in most cases.

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Master Grease Pencil in Blender
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Your guide(s) on this journey.

Kevin Ramirez

Kevin Ramirez


I love crafting stories and experiences through design. It started as a hobby and eventually led to my career in entertainment, where I worked for a number of years, primarily at Disney. Now, I’m focused on my own business and YouTube channel, where I learn other creative technologies and share that journey with others.


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Master Grease Pencil in Blender

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