Cubic Worlds

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Learn how to tell your stories with low poly animations in Blender.

Latest Update (July 2022): New "Family Trip Animation Breakdown" chapter added
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Ever wanted to tell your stories in 3D, in a simple but powerful way?

Cubic worlds is just that. This course teaches you how to build and animate beautiful low poly 3D scenes from scratch, in a distinct style, using only free tools.

Creating stunning 3D animations can be a very complex and time-consuming task.

With Cubic Worlds we are going for a simplified "LEGO" approach, we build everything using only cubes, combined with advanced animation and rendering techniques.

It’s time to impress your friends and followers with your beautiful 3D animated stories.

What’s inside?

Get an overview of the course journey.

Part 1 – Campfire Scene Creation

  • 6 chapters
  • 80+ lessons
  • 10+ hrs running time

Chapter 1 & 2 – Getting Started & Fundamentals

Learn how to work with the common Cubic Worlds workflows and preset files.

9 videos | ~1:17 hrs running time

Chapter 3 – Scene Creation

Here we are going through the building process of our first Cubic Worlds scene, by creating all the assets and putting it together.

31 videos | ~3:43 hrs running time

Chapter 4 – Scene Motion

Here we are learning different workflows to bring our Cubic Worlds scene to life, by animating the objects and adding particle systems.

19 videos | ~2:27 hrs running time

Chapter 5 – Scene Finalization

Here we will enhance the final look of the scene with compositing effects and learn how to render out a final animation using EEVEE and Cycles.

13 videos | ~1:53 hrs running time

Chapter 6 – Scene Editing

Here we will learn the basics of video editing in Blender, by adding a logo and text animation on top of the rendered animation. Additionally, composer and sound designer Richard Albert, will teach you how to add sound and music to your 3D animations.

13 videos | ~1:24 hrs running time

Part 2 – Characters & Machines

  • 3 chapters
  • 60+ lessons
  • 10+ hrs running time

Chapter 7 – Character Creation

Learn how to create and rig Cubic Worlds characters and animals. We will also dig into Constraints and Drivers.

23 videos | ~3:50 hrs running time | Updated in September 2021

Chapter 8 – Machine Creation

Learn how to create and rig Cubic Worlds robots and vehicles. We will also learn about Grease Pencil to draw modeling references in 3D space.

26 videos | ~3:45 hrs running time | Added in November 2021

Chapter 9 – Character Animation

Learn all important basics on how to animate low poly human characters in Blender. We will create looping animations, use video references, combine modular animations, bake animations and much more.

17 videos | ~2:20 hrs running time | Added in February 2022

Part 3 – Scene Breakdowns

  • 1 chapter
  • 12 lessons
  • ~1:40 hrs running time

Chapter 10 – "Family Trip" Breakdown

Get a behind the scenes look on how the "Family Trip" animation was created. We will have a general look at how the scene was assembled, how the car rig and animation was created, but we will also learn some new workflows on how to create uneven terrain, animated water, a flock of birds and more.

12 videos | ~1:40 hrs running time | Added in July 2022

Course History & Updates

  • Part 1 released in June 2021 with 6 "Scene Creation" chapters
  • Part 2 added from July 2021 to February 2022 with 3 new "Character & Machines" chapters
  • Part 3 added in July 2022 with 1 new "Family Trip Breakdown" chapter

Our students, their feedback and results.

Student results

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Who is this for?

Is this course right for you?

It’s a big YES, if you are mainly interested in storytelling with 3D art and not so much in advanced modeling or sculpting.

Even though this course uses a lot of simplified techniques, it is definitely not a beginner course, and you should know your way around Blender to fully enjoy it.

The best way to start is our Blender Launch Pad course, which you can grab at the checkout at a special price.

At least, you should finish our free Blender Beginners course.

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Your guide(s) on this journey.

Zach Reinhardt

Zach Reinhardt

Founder & Lead Instructor

I fell in love with 3D the first time I opened Blender in 2004. From my first freelance jobs, to my first teaching experiences, my passion for telling stories in 3D and teaching my experiences to others grew. All of this led me to founding CG Boost in 2019, where I carefully craft Blender courses to make your learning process an enjoyable journey.


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