Blender Beginners Course & Hotkey PDF

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Start with our free Blender beginner training (incl. tutorial files & sculpting brushes).

Blender Hotkey Sheet updated to Blender 3.3!
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Do you consider becoming a 3D artist or just learning Blender?

Get up and running with our free Blender beginner course.

You’ll learn how to create a simple still life scene, from the default gray cube to a full render of beautiful mouthwatering apples.

This package is an extension of our free YouTube tutorials and contains project files, updated hotkey PDF and sculpting brushes.

Jump in, learn Blender and see if you like our teaching style.

What’s inside?

Get an overview of the course journey.

Blender Beginner Course

Learn the fundamentals of Blender while creating a beautiful apple scene from scratch. Understand the basics of the user interface and navigation, modeling, texturing, lighting, rendering and much more.

15 tutorials | ~5:00 hrs running time

Blender Hotkey Sheet PDF

All important shortcuts for Blender 2.8 to 3.3 | PDF File, 12 pages, optimized for printing.

Updated to Blender 3.3!

Tutorial Library & Project Files

Get exclusive access to download most of our Blender YouTube tutorials, including the project files.

Sculpting Brushes

Get access to 50+ free sculpting brush textures (alphas) to speed up your sculpting process, usable for personal and commercial projects.

Course History & Updates


Our students, their feedback and results.

Student results

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Who is this for?

Who is this for?

This course is made for everyone, that wants to get a quick start into Blender, and learn if Blender is the right tool for them.

In case you want to learn Blender properly and don't waste any time, we highly recommend jumping directly into our Blender Launch Pad course.

Blender Beginners Course & Hotkey PDF


Your guide(s) on this journey.

Zach Reinhardt

Zach Reinhardt

Founder & Lead Instructor @ CG Boost

I fell in love with 3D the first time I opened Blender in 2004. From my first freelance jobs, to my first teaching experiences, my passion for telling stories in 3D and teaching my experiences to others grew. All of this led me to founding CG Boost in 2019, where I carefully craft Blender courses to make your learning process an enjoyable journey.


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Blender Beginners Course & Hotkey PDF

Here is what you'll get:

  • 15 lesson beginners course (5 hrs running time)
  • Blender Shortcut PDF (including regular updates)
  • Downloadable YouTube tutorials + project files
  • 50+ Sculpting Brushes
  • Help from the CG Boost team (when taking the free beginners course)
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